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Several nonprofit groups throughout the state of Florida are working to educate and improve voter turnout in the 2020 general election.

The co-founder and executive director of the group called Student ACES, Krissy Webb, is working on educating the local youth.

The group launched a voting education campaigning with students in the glades area.

Webb said members of her group and the students discussed the different branches of the government as well as what type of local resources are available to help answer any voting questions.

She said after their discussion the students would then share the information with their parents and family.

“By giving all the resources available to them it comes home with the students or the students know it then that’s how you get more and more people to go out and vote,” Webb said. “It’s just the importance of knowledge is power.”

Palm Beach County’s 18 early voting sites opened Monday.

Voters in Palm Beach County have until Nov. 1 to vote in person early.

Karen Jackson was one of many residents who voted on the second day of in-person early voting at the main library located in the 3600 block of Summit Blvd in West Palm Beach.

“Come early and get in line and it goes quick,” Jackson said.

Webb said voting is the greatest freedom we have and is encouraging all registered voters to go to the polls.

“Make a decision for yourself and come up with a voting plan and then go vote,” Webb said.