Florida Counts Census 2020, a statewide initiative formed by seven philanthropic and nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Florida, is seeking to raise $2 million dollars that will be invested to support a complete and accurate census count. 

The money raised by Florida Counts Census 2020 will help pay for a more complete count with the help of community, faith-based and nonprofit organizations in Florida.  As the third largest and fourth fastest growing state in the country, an accurate count is essential for Florida to receive its fair share of federal funding, which is 1/3 of Florida’s total revenue. Florida Counts Census 2020 calls upon the community – organizations and individuals – to get involved by donating money to what’s called the “Florida Counts Census 2020.”

The seven organizations that comprise the Florida Counts Census 2020 initiative are: Florida Civic Engagement Table, the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties, Florida Nonprofit Alliance, Florida Philanthropic Network, New Florida Majority, the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, Urban League of Broward County and Ventus Charitable Foundation.

Each year roughly $800 billion in federal funding is effectively allocated based on population data from the census, including key investments in the economy such as infrastructure, transportation, the arts, education, elder care and children’s programs.  In addition, information from the census is used to ensure proper distribution of political representation. For example, an estimated 16 states could potentially each lose or gain Congressional seats based on the 2020 count.

Florida had the third largest number of omissions in the 2010 Census, omitting 1.4 million people. For each individual residing in Florida who is not counted, the state loses $1,445 per year or $14,445 over ten years. Overall, Florida lost more than $20 billion in federal funding between 2010 and 2020 because of omissions in the 2010 Census. Florida could have used these federal funds for economic development, transportation, infrastructure, education, to name a few. 

In 2010, five of the 20 US counties with the highest omissions were in Florida: Orange County, Hillsborough, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade.  Florida is among only 11 states in the U.S. that has neither budgeted state funding for the Census nor authorized a state-wide Complete Count Committee to assure that the state population is accurately counted.

The Florida Counts Census 2020 Steering Committee consists of Florida philanthropies and nonprofit organizations.  We are:

  • The Florida Civic Engagement Table 
  • The Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties
  • The Florida Nonprofit Alliance 
  • The Florida Philanthropic Network
  • The New Florida Majority 
  • The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation
  • Urban League of Broward County
  • Ventus Charitable Foundation

Click the image above to see Florida’s HTC (Hard to Count) data and information.

This group has  organized to:

  • Create the only collaborative state-wide funding, resource hub and web portal for information, materials and resources customized to Florida’s needs for the 2020 Census.

  • Raise funding via a Pooled Census Fund for re-granting to community- based organizations to support vital Census 2020 outreach and messaging in Florida. Funds raised will be re-granted to non-profit organizations for outreach, education and messaging to propel a robust and accurate 2020 Census count for Florida and to mitigate the risk of a large under count in our state;

  • Align with and leverage the investments that national foundations and private donors outside of Florida have made in Florida in recognition of the critical role Census 2020 will play in fast growing states like Florida;

  • Execute an efficient work plan to cover the remaining significant gaps in Hard to Count communities Florida.

  • Support a robust and accurate Census 2020 count for Florida.


Join us:

We have created a new partner model for Florida: a collaboration between Florida philanthropies, nonprofits and civic engagement organizations that will be impactful for the Census and sustainable through 2020 elections and beyond.   

We are committed to principles of equity in our approach to strategy, collaboration, influence and voice, where we prioritize listening, trusting and responding to community voices, needs and leadership.

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