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There’s a Monday deadline to fill out your Census form.

A federal judge wanted to extend the count until the end of October, but the Secretary of the Commerce Department set a deadline for October 5th.

Susan Racher of Florida Counts says the state’s response rate has been relatively low this year, lagging behind most other states.

Racher says the Census data is used to calculate federal funding for roads, schools, housing programs and other social services. She says the data is also used to calculate the size of the state’s delegation in Congress.

Racher says: “Over a third of our state budget comes from federal funds. So if you care about our schools, 20% of your school district’s budget comes from federal money.”

Racher says if you’ve lost your Census form, it’s okay. Just go to their website and fill out the questionnaire for your household. It takes less than five minutes to complete the survey that’s taken every ten years

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