Friday, March 6th at 12PM ET: Digital Advertising 201. Julia Ager, Founder of Sapphire Strategies and former Chief Digital Officer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, will lead this workshop on paid digital advertising. She will be answering questions such as: how do I put together a media plan? How do I use the paid advertising functions of specific platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter? What are other vendors/platforms to explore? What are digital advertising best practices? What are key benchmarks for a paid digital program? RSVP here.

Tuesday, MARCH 10, 2020: CUYN Mapping Service has an amazing, free resource online that we’re recommending CE programs consider using to build a better targeting strategy in their communities. This mapping service shows where the Census Bureau will be contacting households in and during which phase. With this type of data, CE staff can lead to better community-oriented events, which in turn should boost an increase in Census survey responses from immigrant communities.

Tuesday, MARCH 17, 2020: StateVocies’s Melissa Data is a new tool in VAN. The great thing about Melissa Data is that partners can collect raw data that will count towards their overall CE efforts because we have a tracking method that is already embedded in a system that they use regularly. While there are some great paid relational organizing options out there, Melissa Data is a great option for partners who are already used to VAN and comfortable with the system. This webinar will go over the new StateVoices tool and explain to partners why they should be using a relational organizing tool like Melissa Data if they haven’t already done so.

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