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Facebook Webinar – Leveraging Tools due to COVID-19

Facebook is conducting a webinar this week on how to best leverage their tools due to COVID-19 and the increase in digital communications. Details Date: April 1, 2020 Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST You can register in advance for this meeting through the following link: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing

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El Sentinel: March 23rd, Es tiempo de llenar el Censo y el coronavirus recuerda por qué todos deben participar

Source: El Seninel El Sentinel (The Orlando Spanish Newspaper) has published the article that Jennifer Marcial interviewed Susan on March 23. Original Article:  Media Outlet: El Sentinel, also known as El Sentinel de Orlando, is a weekly Spanish-language newspaper published in Orlando, Florida by Tribune Publishing. It is a sister paper to the Orlando Sentinel

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EZCF – 93.1 (Broward) – Emmanuela Jean-Etienne, Community Relations Coordinator for the Urban League of Broward County Interview

Check out our most recent media interview that aired on Sunday morning, March 15th on Easy 93.1 FM. The interview was done by Emmanuela Jean-Etienne, Community Relations Coordinator for the Urban League of Broward County.   Link to Audio

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Spectrum News 13: Orlando and Tampa, Florida Counts on Spectrum Focus

Source: Spectrum News The Government Accountability Office reports the Census Bureau is at risk of not being ready for the 2020 count. the U.S. Census Bureau is behind in recruiting workers and establishing partnerships with civic groups, and it is at risk of missing some informational technology testing goals.  We talk readiness with key leaders in

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The 2020 Census is expected to be one of the most critical counts in decades as it will not only influence the fairness of democratic representation for hundreds of millions of people across the country, but will determine the distribution of billions of dollars in federal funding for years to come. From support for school

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WFEZ Easy 93.1 (South Florida) – Interviewed Susan Racher on the Florida Counts Census 2020 efforts

WFEZ Easy 93.1 (South Florida) On-Air Host/Community Affairs Host, Ellen Jaffe, interviewed Susan Racher on the Florida Counts Census 2020 efforts and grants awarded.  The radio interview broadcast on the morning of 2/9.

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By Susan Racher, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation and Florida Counts Census Once each decade, the U.S. Census Bureau attempts to count every person in the United States which is quite the undertaking. The next enumeration is set to begin on April 1st and will be the first

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Political Hispanic: “Florida seeks to avoid failures in the 2020 census with help from community groups”

Source:   An initiative by several Florida organizations aims to raise $2 million to create an “accurate” census in this state, which lost approximately $20 billion in federal funding due to failures in the last national census count. So far, the “Florida Counts Census 2020” initiative, promoted by organizations such as the Wallace H.

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Miami Herald: “Be counted in Census 2020, even though Florida leaders don’t want (some of you) to”

Source: Miami Herald   Pay attention, South Floridians. It’s very likely that the Republican Legislature, with the tacit of approval of Gov. Ron DeSantis, is working on the biggest, baddest voter suppression effort of modern times. Or else, they’re just clueless. While civic organizations across the state are putting money behind “be sure to be

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